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Quieter drop locations in PUBG’s Erangel

While all of the places above will typically have enough loot to last an entire match (squads of four may have to do more roaming), visiting several quieter locations is also a valid path to getting yourself fully equipped. The plane’s trajectory will have more of an impact on the company you have at these places. If it’s a minute or more gliding time away, then normally you’ll have the place all to yourself.

Ferry Pier town

The town by the Ferry Pier in the south offers reasonably comfortable looting, as you can keep your back safe if you start from the beach and work your way inwards. There’s also a decent chance of finding either a boat or a car, though if you don’t happen to spot one then heading east and looting everywhere along the way is a viable option. The little cluster of buildings in the Ridge Complex can be an underwhelming source of loot, but for that reason you’ll likely not have anyone to compete with. There’s also the possibility of setting up an ambush at the aforementioned bridge to the military island: it’s a long narrow strip that should allow you to take out anyone that attempts to drive or walk across it.

Central Houses

This one’s a bit riskier than other spots in this section, but it’s also a favourite. It’s not a named location and the interactive map doesn’t highlight it as a high-tier or even a medium-tier spot, but I’ve found that it almost always provides me with some decent gear. You can find it just south of the School, East of the ruins. There’s a barn, 2 big houses and 4 smaller buildings the opposite side of the road – those contain easily enough loot spawns for RNG to provide you with something good. As with earlier examples, its central location is a big point in its favour, with easy access to the Ruins and Water Town. Alternatively, either of the 2 big houses can be great to camp in for almost the entire game: a lot of people will target it as a place to visit on their way to other locations, which means you’re less likely to waste your time than in a more isolated location.


The Ruins are located in the centre of the map, though the slightly lower loot spawn chance makes them much less popular than Pochinki or the School. Looting here will also leave you more vulnerable than in an enclosed building, although in practice I’ve found that people seldom sneak up on me. I’m featuring it here mainly because the church can be a good place to snipe from, and it’s only a hop and a skip away from Water Town.

Water Town

Apart from providing a welcome bit of visual variety, Water Town is also a good central location to loot. The lower, flooded sections of the buildings can be good places to search if you’re trying to sneak around. If you can hear footsteps near you or are just generally paranoid, then you can time your movement with the swelling of the water to mask your own steps. The roof of the central building with the vent running along it provides a good view of the whole area, while also providing cover from nearly every angle.


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