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Playing as the Predator in PUBG

The first step to becoming a PUBG predator is landing aggressively. Despite the high risk involved, top tier loot is absolutely necessary in the quest to dominate the battle royale. Prioritize grabbing heals, one close range weapon and one sniper. ​Until recently, an assault rifle would have been the best choice for a close range weapon, but now the UMP and Vector are prime candidates for that role.

Once you’re kitted out, finding a vehicle will be a huge boon in your hunting. Vehicles allow players to move quickly from position to position, from fight to fight, and can even serve as cover in a pinch. Just be sure to blow it up before enemies do.

With your newfound mobility, take up position in the next safe zone early and set up camp somewhere with ample cover and clear sight lines. From there, you’ll be able to pick off any desperate stragglers.

When engaging in fights, take the high ground whenever plausible. This gives you a better angle to pick up those juicy headshots, making any encounter that much quicker to end in your favor.

In these later engagements, make sure to pick up any frag grenades you can find and one or two smoke grenades if you have the space. Frags can flush enemies out of fortified positions and pick up easy kills in clutch situations, while smokes can provide valuable cover for a strategic retreat.

If you keep all these tips in mind, you’ll find yourself a PUBG predator in no time.

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