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PUBG How to Pull Off a Comeback

A poor start is almost always a death knell for a run, as being without gear means no way to defend oneself, no way to escape, and no way to improve what you already have.

But almost always isn’t every time. There are ways to tear victory from its slow descent into defeat, even without the auspices of strong starting loot. Here’s how to make it happen.

If you land in an area and are forced for one reason or another to leave without weapons, the number one path back to success involves a car. Grabbing a vehicle can mean the difference between reaching a new loot location first or arriving just in time to get shot in the head for all your running.

Vehicles can also be used as weapons. Catching a well-armed enemy unawares can instantly swing your fortunes from one extreme to the other, and with so little to lose it’s often worth the risk to try and claim a victim with your road rage.

Barring the salvage of roadkill, your priority should be to hit as many small loot locations as possible. Going for high quality areas such as the military base on Erangel or the resort on Sanhok will just lead to better-equipped players melting you down before you get situated. Small locations, as slim as the pickings may be, are significantly safer and more likely to remain un-scavenged.

Even if you find a weapon, it’s important to keep things slow. Pick your spots carefully. Converting your meager inventory into a payday will take finding the right engagement opportunity and smart play, but it will also punch your ticket to the late game.

It can be helpful to keep your vehicle around, either to use as emergency cover (be sure to blow it up first) or to run down stragglers and claim their loot.

Once you’ve reached the last few circles, there’s only so much strategy to be had. At that point, you’re resigned to what you have, and you have to figure out how to make the best of it.

No game of PUBG is a guaranteed loss, and following this guide will help you turn even the darkest beginnings into hard-fought Chicken Dinners.

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