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PUBG How To Snipe

In PUBG GETTING that snipe isn’t easy. In ​PUBG, even simply getting the sniper is a challenge, let alone using it. This is a guide on how to get and use a sniper in PUBG!

There’s a few different snipers in PUBG and a few different ways to get them. The simplest and easier sniper to find is the Kar98K (Kar for short). The Kar’s main strength is its availability — it is the only sniper that can be found as random world loot, and it utilizes the common 7.62mm ammo. The Kar can spawn all over the map, but will show up more often in hot-spots like the Military Base, Georgopol and Primorsk. After this all you need is a scope and you’re set.

The other two snipers, the AWM and the M24, are both found in airdrop crates. The AWM is more powerful than the M24 but only comes with 20 bullets, where the M24 uses 7.62mm ammo. To get these just watch for the planes and get in a good position to quickly grab the items.

Bullet drop is probably the No. 1 cause of all missed snipes in PUBG. Even if you’re an aim god, bullet drop can still mess you up. To deal with bullet drop, utilize the white ticks on the map and the zeroing function on your gun. The default setting for zeroing is page up and page down, which will either raise or lower the zeroing by 100 meters. What zeroing does is it makes the bullet hit the crosshair if the target is the correct distance away. Look at the map at count how many white squares away the target is: if it’s around 300, set the zeroing distance to 300 and put the crosshair on the target. Most importantly, ​practice this so you can do it quickly and efficiently.

When to Shoot

Sniping can be fun, but it’s important to not get too hasty when trying to go for kills. A missed shot can simply be a missed opportunity, or it can lead straight to your death. The optimal time to shoot someone is when they are standing perfectly still at around 100-300 meters away. This will let you get a one shot kill and quickly reposition for further engagements. If the enemy is moving, take into account your own cover vs their’s before shooting. If they’re out in a field and you’re in a house, go for it, but if they have access to more cover consider waiting to take the shot.

The weapon damage factors in here. If your target has level two armor on all over and you have a Kar, consider waiting till you have a clear shot of their head before squeezing the trigger. An AWM allows for more freedom, as it can one shot unarmored opponents on the body and one shot headshot regardless of armor.

If you take into account each of these factors and frequently practice, the kills and headshots will start piling up.

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