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​Weapon Master on PUBG Mobile is one of the hardest achievements to earn. To add it to the trophy case, players must kill six enemies in total: one with an assault rifle, one with an SMG, one with a sniper rifle, one with a shotgun, one with a throwable, and one with a vehicle, all in a Platinum or higher classic match. Thats is Very hard to alot of PUBG players.

Weapon Master PUBG Mobile: The Strategy

The Weapon Master achievement poses several challenges. Players must change weapons multiple times in addition to finding a vehicle and killing opponents with each of those weapons.

With such a precarious challenge, it can be helpful to frontload the low variance obstacles. Prioritize kills with more difficult to use weapons, such as the shotgun or SMG, over easier weapons such as assault rifles. If a run fails to deliver kills with those weaker weapons, it’s unlikely to have a chance of succeeding later on.

Playing earlier in the day is another useful tip, as it raises the likelihood of a bot-dense lobby. As bots are much easier to kill, it makes the racking up of eliminations all the simpler.

If you can, enlist teammates who are willing to scrounge for the right weapons for you in the early game, or who will attract bots without killing them.

Finally, it can be useful to find a vehicle early on. Not only is it a necessary step to completing the challenge, it can facilitate arriving at new areas to loot for the right weapon.

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