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PUBG’s One Shot One Kill Event Mode

The trick to “One Shot, One Kill,” which entered its second phase of testing Thursday, forces PUBG players to make every shot count. To that end, perhaps the single most important thing a player can do to improve their odds of winning in “One Shot, One Kill” is to work on their aim.

Outside of target practice, there are a few techniques that can help players take home victories. For one, it’s important not to shy away from using the sidearm the game provides you in each round. In close quarters, a pistol will triumph even over the mighty Kar98k.

Another important tip is to stay put. Finding and holding good cover is one of the strongest assets a team can have in this game mode, especially now that the cover of rain has been removed.

“One Shot, One Kill” is a difficult game, but it’s not impossible. Use these tips to up your win ratio one shot at a time.

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