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PUBG How to Make a Heroic Comeback

At the end of the day, good gear and flashy kills don’t determine the winner of a battle royale. All that matters is being the last player standing.

Of course, high level armor and a scoped sniper rifle can help reach that point, but sometimes those resources aren’t available. Sometimes a ​PUBG player lands somewhere too late, and all the loot is gone before they can take their share. In these situations, strategy becomes paramount.

If the early game doesn’t go your way, the most important thing to do is find a vehicle. Vehicles allow quick access to new loot, but they can also be used as both a weapon and as cover in a pinch.

Use the vehicle to hit less populated areas, picking up scraps whenever you can. It may not be much, but hotter areas will almost certainly have either been picked clean or are still occupied by geared up enemies. Your best shot with lesser equipment is to pick your spots as well as possible.

Once you’ve accumulated at least some level of weaponry, the next step is laying a trap. Hide out somewhere central to the circle and camp a doorway. When a player comes in, you’ll be able to take them by surprise at a significant advantage. This spider/fly scheme should net you the weapons and items you need for the late game.

With weapons and miscellany accumulated, the game becomes like any other. Play it safe, play it slow, and pick your spots, and you’ll find yourself with a successful PUBG comeback.

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