PUBG Mobile Best Features

Here are the top three best features in PUBG Mobile.

1. Missions

Missions are tasks given out by the game that encourage players to play in specific ways for increased loot. It gives players something fun to work towards, and even if you aren’t getting that chicken dinner it means there’s always something to do.

2. Automatic Upgrade Looting

Automatic upgrade looting makes playing PUBG Mobile a breeze, and gone are the days of clumsily rifling through your inventory. It works by picking up any upgrade, like a level two backpack or armor, and then instantly equipping it if you have worse equipment.

3. Gyro Aiming

Gyro aiming works by letting players tilt their phones slightly in order to aim. It might not be quite as precise as a mouse and keyboard, but it feels great and helps players get truly immersed in the match they’re playing.

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