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How to Play Sanhok for PUBG Xbox Players

PUBG Sanhok is currently the smallest map to come to PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG XBOX), so there’s no surprise the community may wonder how to best play Sanhok on PUBG Xbox.

If you want to succeed in the new PUBG Sanhok, you’ll have to forget all of this — the new PUBG map requires a much tighter, close-quarters-combat style of play.

PUBG Locations

In PUBG Sanhok, the loot is much more available and spread out than the concentrated layout of PUBG Erangel. This means you won’t have to drop in those high-density locations like military base and school to get kitted out — let the battle-hungry fight jockeys die in the first minute while you move on the outskirts, collecting loot like a ghost while trying to avoid gunfights.

Anywhere on the outskirts is a good target, but if you think you can take a fight or two, feel free to head towards the more loot-dense areas like Resort, Ruins, and Bootcamp. More loot is always good, but in Sanhok you might want to search for different kinds of loot than in other maps. You don’t always need that 4x scope or that PUBG Assault Rifle.

PUBG Weapons

The best weapons for Sanhok are the ones that can pump out a lot of bullets really fast. Close engagements will be common, and taking one enemy or group out almost certainly means more are coming; to counteract this, SMGs serve as a great way to chain one kill after another, so they make for great primaries. The new 5.56 QBZ assault rifle also serves pretty well, as its high fire rate and magazine size allow you to keep pumping out damage over a long period of time.

A particularly deadly choice is the Vector, however, you’ll have to watch out for its measly 13-bullet mag without an extended mag. This makes the attachment basically a necessity for the gun, but once you manage to find one, you’ll be nearly unstoppable in close quarters, spraying out bullets with hardly any recoil.

PUBG Strategy

The best way to secure that delicious chicken dinner is to drop on the outskirts of the map, slowly hunt for items, jump from cover to cover and fend off the hordes of players trying to steal your loot. Sanhok features a ton of cover, so use this to your advantage, even if you have to sneak into the circle. The dynamic weather system can also help, as the pitter-patter of the rain will cover the noise of footsteps.

PUBG Sanhok is the most difficult, high-octane maps ever to come to PUBG, but the constant gunfights and close-quarters fighting make the chicken dinner all the more rewarding. Xbox players have been waiting for this one for a long time, and it’s finally time to get in there and start fighting.

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