PUBG Banned Streamer Barred from PTS for One Week

Michael “shroud” Gzresiek, known for his PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS streams, received a ban from the PUBG Public Test Server for one week because of an unusual situation with stream snipers.

​​Shroud received a ban from ​PUBG Corp on the PUBG PTS. He will be unable to play the game on the PTS until Feb. 4, but will be able to play on live servers just fine

After sharing a screenshot of his ban, shroud went to Twitch to clear up the situation and explain why he was banned. During a previous stream testing out ​the newest update on the PTS, a large group of stream snipers joined shroud’s game. He told them to follow him and protect him from other players, and they happily complied. Although the moment was hilarious on stream, PUBG Corp was apparently not pleased with his use of stream snipers.


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