PUBG best map

PUBG Corp has realeased 4 PUBG Maps.​ There are now four maps that PUBG players can play on in-game. Here is the BEST PUBG MAP.

PUBG Vikendi

The new snow map, Vikendi, is the best PUBG map in the game so far. All locations on the map have such a creative look and unique feel to them. There is plenty of loot for players in all areas, and the best feature is the way players interact with the snow. Footprints will be left behind as players walk across the snow, which can be used to actually track down other players. It is a new and innovative way to hunt enemies and has brought interesting ways of playing. The new vehicle is also a great addition.

Vikendi recently ​went live for PUBG PC and on PUBG Xbox and PS4 Public Test Servers.

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