PUBG XBOX Biggest Problems

Here are the three biggest problems facing the battle royale PUBG Xbox.

PUBG XBOX Render Problems

This problem stings especially, as it affects not just visuals but gameplay. Slow renders make it impossible to traverse cities, as invisible walls prevent you from moving. They also create uneven, buggy playing fields, where one player can shoot another straight through a wall provided that wall hasn’t yet loaded for them. The effect is akin to developer-sponsored hacking, and must be eradicated as quickly as possible.

PUBG XBOX Ready Up Bug

Recent weeks have seen the rise of another PUBG bug to ignominious prominence: the “Ready Up” bug. This nasty glitch prevents players in parties of more than one from ever actually entering a game. Exactly what triggers the bug has yet to be discovered, but players report the phenomenon as cropping up unbearably often. PUBG Corp needs to solve this problem as soon as possible.

PUBG XBOX Bad Map Playlists

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has added three maps to the game since its original release. The last of those maps, the snow-themed Vikendi, arrived on PUBG Xbox on Tuesday, when it shunted all three other maps into a single playlist. PUBG players know which maps they like, and they will let you know which maps they hate. Forcing them to play maps they dislike is bad for everyone.

Pure map selection may be unrealistic for PUBG Xbox, but PUBG Corp needs to carefully consider how it splits maps into playlists if it wants players to come away from a play session satisfied.

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