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Difference Between PUBG Painkillers and Energy Drink in PUBG Mobile, PUBG PC, PUBG PS4 & PUBG Xbox

the life of the young generation starts with energy drinks and ends up with a painkiller.

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has controlled the lives of people; as the graphics, concept, and entertainment of this game are irreplaceable.

Ask anyone about their favorite Mobile/PC/PS4 game, the most popular choice would be PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Whenever your enemy shots at your helmet or waist, your health’s level goes down. What do you do at that time? Depending upon the health; either you apply Bandages, Health Kit, or you boost health with Energy Drinks and Painkillers.

Well, most of the PUBG players are still unable to differentiate between PUBG Energy Drink and Painkillers. “Which one is best?”, “Which one we should use all the time?”, “What’s the difference between both?”. To make it easier to understand, we will differentiate them in simple words.

The basic difference between an PUBG Energy Drink and Painkiller is the percentage of boost. The second difference is their activation time. And, the third different one is their healing.

PUBG Energy Drink

Activation Time: 4 Seconds

Boost Percentage: 40%

Healing Percentage: 23%

PUBG Painkiller

Activation Time: 7.5 Seconds

Boost Percentage: 60%

Healing Percentage: 40%

Energy Drink actually increases the movement speed and helps to strengthen the health regeneration. Jumping or upholstering a weapon will cancel the use of Energy Drink. The effect of one Energy Drink lasts for two minutes.

Painkiller also increases the movement speed as well as helps in health regeneration. The effect of one Painkiller lasts approximately for three minutes (comparatively more than Energy Drink).

If analyzed properly, taking two energy drinks will take less time activation time and the effect of them will be more than a Painkiller.

However, taking two painkillers in place of two Energy Drinks is also an effective strategy. But, in the end, it depends upon how much time you have in the game.

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