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PUBG: Easy Steps To Become A PUBG Weapon Master

Well, who doesn’t want to brag about having cool titles while playing the game? Whenever you join a PUBG mobile match lobby you can see that some players name are displayed atop of them along with a Title like Weapon Master, Pacifist, Sharpshooter and others. These titles can be achieved by completing the required tasks.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile has a very famous title that every player wants to achieve, and that is the title of “Weapon Master”. To get this PUBG Mobile title you have to complete the following tasks:-

– Kill an enemy with Assault Rifle.

– Kill an enemy with SMG.

– Kill an enemy with a Shotgun.

– Kill an enemy with Throwable.

– Kill an enemy with Vehicle.

– Kill an Enemy with Sniper Rifles.

All these tasks have to be completed in a single run, i.e in a single match and you have to be playing a classic match with platinum tier and above. So, as now you have got the gist about the title and the requirements to achieve the title I am going to tell you the simplest way to get the Weapon Master title.

Just follow these steps:-

– Join a Duo/Squad classic match with your friends (make sure you are at platinum tier or above).

– Select Miramar map and tell your friends to not kill a bot when spotted.

– Drop at pecado or Hacienda.

– Loot up (Don’t loot the same type of weapons).

– Survive at the drop location while clearing the enemy with different weapons.

– The main problem will be killing an enemy with a sniper rifle, vehicle, and throwables.

– Keep an AR use it to knock enemies and then kill them with molly or a grenade.

– Take a car and go to a place were no other players can disturb you and start shooting with the guns without silencer.

– The above step will attract bots. When they come just Drive through them or make it easy by knocking them down with your gun and then finishing them with your car.

– For Sniper kills the same can be done.

This, if, done properly, can help you get the title. In any case, if you have any questions, feel free to ask and we will try and solve it.

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