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PUBG Mobile: Which is the best PUBG Map to play

It all started with Erangel, but with the passage of time, the mobile game now features three more – Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.
PUBG Maps Erangel and Miramar are 8 km X 8 km environments, making them the biggest of the lot. These two maps offer a slow-paced and tactical experience, allowing players to plan their approach with enough tact to become the last person standing.

Sanhok, on the other hand, is a smaller 4 km X 4 km map, allowing faster-paced action. Vikendi is a 6 km X 6 km snow-covered map, which strives to find a balance between the action and the tactical prowess

With its diverse terrain, there is no single best map, and one needs to choose a map based on their preferences.


People looking to experience a stunning atmosphere must look no further than the brand-new Vikendi map. The snow-covered environment is truly stunning to look at and is easily the most aesthetically pleasing map in PUBG.

Sanhok is ideal for players looking for a swamp-jungle environment as a good portion of the map is covered with foliage. The foliage density in the other three maps falls short when compared to Sanhok.


Sanhok is ideal for people looking for faster-paced action while Erangel and Miramar go well with players who like to approach the Battle Royale game with a slow approach, focusing on gathering loot before the eliminations.

With its size, Vikendi provides a good balance between all three maps. However, most of the loot found in Vikendi are SMGs, making it a tad difficult for players to eliminate opponents from a distance. As a result, most of the times, people need to get close to their opponents before landing the final blow.


Exploration or vehicular movement is not the primary objective of the game, but players willing to engage in these activities will find the larger maps close to perfection. Erangel and Miramar offer good amounts of exploration due to their size, but the beautiful visuals of Vikendi will appeal to players if they do not mind the altered vehicular mechanics.

On the contrary, Sanhok does not have enough land to explore and might do the same without mounting any vehicles.

That being said, all the four maps have their own strong zones that will offer plenty of action for almost everyone out there.

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