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PUBG Snow Map: Everything you need to know about PUBG Map Vikendi

Though the new PUBG Map was a huge success and highly acclaimed by the players for its mesmerizing graphics, highly detailed and beautifully made environment. The map also had some cons in which the biggest issue was the loot imbalance.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground players were annoyed due to the loot imbalance. If you have played the game then you already might have the idea about how frustrating it is when you drop and don’t get a suitable weapon while your enemy gets one. In PlayerUnknown’s Battleground snow map Vikendi it was hard to find an Assault Rifle and completing it with attachments. The new map was full of submachine guns and which was also the sole reason that players called Vikendi loot spawn as ‘Imbalanced’.

Though in a recent dev letter which was released in accordance to PUBG Update#25 we got to know the developers’ side of the story about the loot spawns along with the changes that were being made to the item spawns after reviewing players response in the past one month of the snow map vikendi release.

When we first designed Vikendi, our goal wasn’t to just have the same characteristics as every other map and just add snow, but rather to pursue the core elements that make PUBG fun. In other words, the ultimate goal is to make each map distinct while maintaining a balance between survival and combat throughout different environments, thus offering a wide variety of experiences to our players.

Vikendi was specifically designed with a focus on SMGs, and maximized their usability. Statistically, the spawn rate of SMGs and SMG attachments were set so they would spawn at a 7:3 ratio to ARs. This was so players could quickly arm up for combat and still allow players with SMGs to fight players with ARs on equal footing by having sufficient attachments and ammunition in early-stage combat.

As stated before, Vikendi was designed to focus on SMG gunplay, so our loot solution isn’t to just flood the map with ARs and call it balanced. Rather, we’ll be introducing our new SMG, the Bizon, while significantly reducing the spawn rate of the Tommy Gun. However, we understand that ARs are strong and versatile guns in the current state of PUBG, so we’ll also be boosting the AR spawn rate a bit so they don’t feel so rare. You can see our spawn balance plans for these guns below. Km.

Decreased SMGs, increased ARs

  • AR (Total) | +20%
  • Bizon | +New Weapon
  • Tommy Gun | -52%

In addition to the loot changes above, we are also increasing the spawn rate of some SMG attachments so that SMGs can still be highly effective in the early game, while remaining a solid choice mid to late.

Decreased DMR, Maintaining the number of SR.

  • DMR (Total) | -16%

Though with the increase in the drop rates of assault rifles in snow map vikendi developers also decreased the drop rate for DMR as it is the most powerful weapon in PUBG and have high utility value on the wide open snow planes of Vikendi.

Increased 4X scopes

Though the developers didn’t increase the drop rate for scopes like 8x and 6x. They increased the drop rate for 4x scopes in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground snow map vikendi. This was done to support the midrange battles.

Decreased level 3 helmets

  • Lv3 Helmet | -49%
  • Lv3 Armor | -36%

The drop rate for level 3 armor and helmet was dropped almost half of the previous drop rate. As the world item spawn in snow map vikendi got both positive and negative response. The developers took a decision of lowering the drop rate of the respective items. While promising to keep an eye on user response and in accordance with that it will be altered if needed.

Increased backpacks, decreased SR attachments

  • Backpacks | +11%
  • SR (muzzle, magazine) | -40%

To further balance the game developers decreased the spawn rate of Sniper Rifles attachments. On the other hand they increased the drop rates of bagpacks which was highly asked by the players. The above changes shows how PUBG team is working hard to provide the best gaming experience to the players. This is it for now , Stick to sportskeeda for more news updates on PUBG and other videogames.

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