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How to Aim Down Sights in PUBG

How to aim down sights in PUBG ?

The difference in accuracy between firing from the hip, loose aiming, and aiming down the sights or through a scope is astronomical. Here’s how to aim down sights in PUBG.

Aiming down sights is slightly different based on what platform you’re playing PUBG on, but it’s always simple and intuitive. As it should be — aiming down sights is one of PUBG’s core mechanics, and allows for all those long distance sniper shots to take over Reddit.

On PUBG PC, aiming down sights is as simple as pressing right click on your mouse once. Holding right click will aim, but not as accurately as through the sights.

That same ethos — hold to aim, press to look through the sights — holds true on both PUBG PlayStation 4 and PUBG Xbox. On PUBG PS4, tap L2 to aim down sights. On PUBG Xbox, a left trigger​ press will aim down sights. PUBG Mobile is the simplest of all: simply press the big aim button.


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