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How to make PUBG Mobile run better

PUBG Mobile version exposed the game to some of the weakest hardware it had yet appeared on, throwing all the game’s problems with optimization into unflattering relief.

Performance on high end Apple devices tends to be mostly stable, which makes sense given ​those phones can run Fortnite at 60 frames per second. Fortunately for non-iPhone users, there are a few ways to squeeze every last drop of performance out of ​PUBG Mobile. Here’s how to get the most out of your PUBG Mobile experience.

How to make PUBG Mobile run better

The first thing to do if your phone is struggling to run PUBG Mobile is restart your device. A simple reset will sort of clear your phone’s plate, and when it restarts it will only have to worry about running PUBG Mobile.

Once your phone is up and running again, head into the PUBG Mobile app and find the settings menu in the top right corner of the screen. From that the menu, navigate to the graphics section. Lower the graphics option to smooth, turn off the style, and if your phone is really struggling, knock the frame rate down to low. Feel free to turn off the auto-adjustment setting as well.

If your device continues to lag, the most you can do is to make sure no other apps are open and ensure that your internet is as strong as possible.

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