PUBG Advanced Tips

With all of these core elements now covered, let me take a look at the more complex tips. Keep in mind that these PUBG pro tips are not to be relied upon at all times as these will only work in certain scenarios. So, let’s get to all of these advanced PUBG  tips.

  • Avoid running in a straight line when under fire, as this way, your movements can be predicted. Therefore, I advise you to always run in a zigzag pattern. Furthermore, when looting or in the process of applying a bandage, always make slight movements by couching constantly. This will make you a harder target to hit. Hence, improving your chances to survive.
  • Boots, though they are good for protection against your feet, they create extra noise. So, if you wish to adopt a more stealth approach, I will advise you to play the game barefoot, the character that is.
  • Keep an eye out for the red zone as roaming around carelessly in the zone can lead to you getting blown to bits.
  • While fleeing from a fight, unequip your weapon. Though this will leave you defenseless, you will have a higher chance of escaping as unequipping your weapon gives you a speed boost.
  • Taking cover is very important. Whenever you are caught in an open field, always look for cover rather than taking the fight head on. This is because your chances of winning the fight in an open environment are quite slim as it can attract unwanted attention from other nearby players.
  • Additionally, if you are the one who wishes to take more kills rather than focus on surviving, then I will recommend you to play at the edge of the blue circle. By doing just this, you will come across a number of players who are trying to make their way in the white circle.
  • Patience is the key. This is one PUBG pro tip, I will advise all PUBG players to observe. Taking things slow while playing can get you quite far, even if you are not good at shooting. However, do not confuse this with camping as we all know camping is looked down upon in all games.
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