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3 Best Places to Drop in Miramar for Eliminations

are five of the best for getting loads of eliminations.

Hacienda Del Patron

Hacienda Del Patron is one of Miramar’s most distinctive locations, as it’s an old desert mansion. The loot inside can be extremely lucrative for any player who manages to come out on top.

Expect fights to break out in the pavilion as players begin a mad scramble for piles of level three loot.

Campo Militar

Miramar’s military base is isolated just like Erangel’s, situated at the north eastern corner of the map. Campo Military is not isolated on a seperate island, making moving about significantly easier.

Many players will drop on the Campo trying to get the best loot possible, and any landing there is sure to be action packed.

La Cobrería

La Cobrería is a city tucked away on the northern part of the map, and it features a series of apartments and a school campus. The loot is great, and the town is a popular spot for squads to drop in and get kitted out quickly.

Players looking for an early game battle can look no further, but should be prepared for squads of people dropping in.

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