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4 Best Places to Loot in PUBG’s Sanhok

Here are five of the best locations to loot on PUBG’s Sanhok island.

The Quarry

The Quarry is a centrally located, fairly large location. There are many different hiding places to check for floor loot, although level three gear isn’t completely guaranteed here.

Na Khan

While Na Khan might not have the best loot, or even a lot of loot, the location of the village is most important.

Na Khan is close to many other locations and is a safer alternative to drop in, as opposed to directly at Pai Nan.

The Docks

The Docks are one of the safer locations to loot, because they are further away compared to other sites on the map.

That said, the Docks also can have decent quality of loot. Players shouldn’t expect to walk out with full level three gear, but they can leave with a full set of loot.

Camp Charlie

Camp Charlie is similar to the other camps scattered about Sanhok. Good loot, and a wide open space.

Camp Charlie is noteworthy in particular because of its southern location. It’s extremely close to other locations such as Ban Tai, the Cave, and the Quarry.

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