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PUBG Bizon submachine gun

PUBG Bizon submachine gun, entered the PUBG PTS.

​the Bizon is exclusively available on Erangel and Vikendi. Like the Micro Uzi, the Bizon will use 9mm ammo. Each magazine holds up to 53 rounds, giving it the largest base capacity of any submachine gun in ​PUBG.

The Bizon is also one of the only weapons unable to use a magazine attachment, capping its round capacity and reload speed at the default. Nor can it take grip attachments. It can only be outfitted with sights and muzzle attachments.

The Bizon arrives on the PUBG PTS alongside canted sight attachments, the snowbike, a rebalance to loot on Vikendi, new moonlight weather for the snow map, and the ability to set a default firing mode for each class of weapon.

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