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PUBG Mobile Vikendi Secret Cave

PUBG Mobile’s Patch 0.10.0 brought Vikendi to the game on Jan. 21, and players have run wild over every inch of the map by now. All that exploration has led to the discovery of a secret location housing prime loot. Here’s everything you need to know about the PUBG Mobile Vikendi secret cave.

PUBG Mobile’s Vikendi hides a secret location where players can find oodles of great loot. This mysterious cave and its contents can make a huge difference in whether a player survives to the end game or flames out early.

This PUBG secret cave can be found northeast of Podvosto, beside the river and just above the “O” in Podvosto’s marker on the map. The locations on PUBG Mobile and other PUBG platforms are slightly different, but serve as a decent ballpark estimate for one another.

On PUBG PC, players must destroy the rocks blocking the entrance to get into the caves. PUBG Mobile’s rocks aren’t destructible as of the latest update, so players must use a glitch to fall through the map and enter the caves that way.


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