PUBG Mobile: New Bonus Challenge Lets You Convert BC to UC On The Next Update

PUBG Mobile is already one of the most awaited update. As the new update will bring the new zombie event mode.

The new update offers a far greater thing than a new event mode. Finally, PUBG Mobile players can now convert their BC (aka Battle Coins) to UC (premium in-game currency in PUBG Mobile). The obtained UC from the conversion can be used to buy premium items, skins and other stuff. Like opening premium PUBG crates and more. All of this is made possible through the upcoming challenge in PUBG mobile known as, ‘The Bonus Challenge.

PUBG players can participate in the Bonus Challenge. Though this time you cannot participate as a team or crew. This time the battle will be solo, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Depending upon your play style this new solo challenge will be proven a hard challenge or an easy one.

The Battle coins earned in the PUBG Bonus challenge can be used to get free skins and items in the shop. You can also use the battle coins to get UC packs, which can be again used to get in game items. In PUBG bonus challenge you will earn points based on your rank and kill. Each battle points will measure to 1 battle coin, while a single kill will grant you 15 points. You will have to register for PUBG Bonus Challenge in the coming days when the game receives the update. Further date and match timings will be provided by the devs.

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