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There are millions of players who play the game PUBG periodically, and most likely to read this article has several game play At least to attract him title. Over the course of this time, many people know exactly how to play the game and enjoy it periodically and have their own styles of play and different from others.

Of course, not all players can be categorized in a variety of styles and categories, so this list is not entirely serious, but is more like entertainment and entertainment. In case you want more serious content about the famous game you can go to our article about the best ways to help you become a better player in PUBG and bring you better opportunities to get a “delicious dinner” promised by the victors. However, if none of these ratings applies to you, you have met at least one player in the game.

who has bad internet

With good results and a real chance of winning before the network stops.
Among the different types of players this type is the most pathetic because the successive losses are not the result of lack of skill or experience, but usually come because of uncontrollable conditions: the Internet is very bad, and although some of the players who have a lot of skill acquired Over time, winning is usually too far away. However, there are two different types of problems with their Internet connection:

People who suffer from intermittent Internet are the first type. They can usually be seen coming out suddenly before the start of the game, or if the break takes place in the plane and stays there until the end of the track, they fall into the water and die after it. If things go better and they can play a few minutes In the game they are often found standing motionless in the middle of an open space or perhaps within a house or building. If a player does not notice them and kills them, they usually die because they are outside the circle of constantly shrinking play.

The second type is those who suffer from constant Internet but with much lag due to the fact that the network response time (Ping) is very high. The most common sight of this situation is the car that disappears as it moves to appear elsewhere, or the players who run in a direction and then disappear and appear in a completely different place. Of course, these strange symptoms appear on the player who suffers from the problem, and in turn all players see the rest as if they suffer from themselves. Although it may seem simple to try to hit a player suffering from this is very difficult if moving in a relatively remote place.


Launching is possible if they manage to hold to the end and the other player dies because of the playing area.
Beginners are usually new players who do not have the experience to win yet, but it is not really necessary. Some of them play hundreds of matches without improving their level at all. In total, they remain like free killers for other players or even a way to collect weapons easily because they usually land in places Crowded.

The favorite place for novice landing is without a doubt Pochinki, the location on the middle of the island on the one hand, and the large area of ​​the place make the resistance to jump is very difficult. Of course, the other options include School and Military Base. But the biggest success rate is usually in Pochinki. Escape from it is very easy, and its large size makes it easier to monitor the beginner than others if it landed in other places.

In the end almost all the players have to start somewhere, and even with the successive losses everyone was starting at one time, from the worst to the unbeatable.


Although some of the players do not like direct confrontation for some reason, they either prefer to collect some resources first before they get caught up in fighting and confrontations, or they fear death early in the game because they are still new. And want to spend as long as possible before one discovers their existence and shoots them.

This type of player usually falls in the very small places of the map, and it is unlikely that they will land anywhere with a name where they prefer small gatherings consisting of a small number of non-storey buildings. Of course, this has many disadvantages. Despite the relative safety of landing in these places, the existing resources are very few and these players will find themselves in the final stages of the game, probably without a helmet and with a very light weapon.

The first enemy of the cowardly player is his or her own options. In fact, places that do not have a name are usually on the sides and far from the final seat of the ever-shrinking playing circle. In many cases, however, these players find themselves running helplessly to escape death Next with the Blue Circle, and sometimes this reveals their presence to other players who are easily catching them in open spaces.


Necessary for survival, but these types of players are considered vehicles are the focus of the game.
Usually, some players think that the presence of vehicles in the game is an indication of being an open world game and its purpose is to roam around only as some players treat it just as if it were a racing game where they start looking for a car after landing directly and without paying attention to their weapons collection. And other tools, their favorite weapon is the four wheels and the iron structure of the car, especially the UAZ.

Of course, this type of player comes in many different forms and levels of skill. While some can be easily avoided and even tampered with before being killed very easily, there are other players with a level of skill high enough to make them a real danger and a death on wheels. However, as cars make loud noise that is easy to distinguish from other players, it is very difficult for players to continue to the final stages of the game, or even win (though from time to time).

supplements chaser

Approaching the funds completely suicidal.
Within the game there are two basic types of weapons: those that are in the map normally and can be found in buildings and others, and those that can only be obtained from the boxes of the aircraft periodically and comes out of thick red smoke reveals their place when they reach the ground. As expected, the weapons in these boxes are clearly superior to their usual counterparts, including the only weapon that can be killed with one bullet, no matter what the helmet: the AWM sniper, as well as the only weapon with a store of 100 bullets: the M249 machine gun.

Of course, the boxes usually have a variety of other equipment, and as expected, the existing equipment is usually of the third level so that they are attractive to the players to risk coming in. While most players are reluctant to approach the open bat box, there is a class of funders who draw their way All about finding the boxes before they reach the ground and take their contents even if they are busy from the real channel or have been snatched from other players.

In the case of individual play, this type of player is not really a problem. Rather, they are usually preferred by snipers (because they are easy to catch at the crates), but for teams it is very annoying, especially when the entire team is in a car driven by boxing supplements. They themselves are unable to leave (which usually means death if the car is traveling fast) and are forced to wait for their luck and the box has landed without anyone’s attention, although it usually ends with the death of the whole team because of the greed of this player.

Hiding on the bridge

In the main map of the game (Erangel) there are two bridges connecting the big island with the smaller, in addition to the long bridge in the north-west, which is between these three bridges is very long on the one hand, and full of cars and broken machinery, which makes the passage requires some skill, Preferring one of the worst types of players and most hated in various games: hiding (there are dozens of different labels and local them, but the common is that they are hiding and waiting for the passage of the enemy).

The damage to the presence of these people is usually shown when the play circuit shrinks to one island. Many people need to cross the bridge to safety, especially when swimming is very slow and water vehicles are very rare. Usually it involves one or more cars in one of the many bottlenecks on the bridge, and then a lot of waiting until another player decides to cross, and the way is often very effective especially for the teams (due to the difficulty of covering the road on a single player).

As a result, these players often collect a lot of death squads because of their style, making crossing the bridge extremely dangerous, especially without a car. In principle, this method is not cheating and does not violate any of the rules of the game, but it is very hated by the players, and a bad reputation and a lot of angry insults are attached to everyone who does it.


The unmatched power of the AWM sniper, so the best option to hear is to escape.
Although his style of play is not usually liked by others, sniper is one of the best players in the game and the most selective as well because of the difficulty of getting the necessary equipment for the order. Snipers are usually located on highlands, especially those with many trees and grass to hide their presence as much as possible. In a few cases, snipers can be found on high rooftops, the highest observation towers, and sometimes the highest loading cranes near Georopol.

Although there are many snipers in the game, the best snipers do not use semi-automatic machine guns or snipers because they usually need a few bullets to kill the target, and they are usually less accurate. On the whole, the weapon of choice for snipers is AWM snipers that can kill any target with one shot in the body if it is without a shield, or a bullet in the head regardless of the helmet. In any case, as AWM snipers are exclusive to boxes only, the Kar98K sniper is usually used and of course the X8 telescope is necessary here.

With snipers being the most skilled players in the game, it does not mean that they are necessarily winning. Cops mainly benefit midway, so they usually suffer during the first part of survival from other players who land with them. Since the best weapons at the end of the game are attackers and not snipers.

The Ninja

The other players and kill them with the pan, but the few times it succeeds it is very funny and worth the risk for him.
Unlike other players, this type of player does not care about winning or actually killing. Winning or fighting arms is not their goal; they love to hide, use agility and sneak to kill enemies with handguns, not firearms. In PUBG, It is the weapon of choice, and has a halo around it. It succeeds in killing an armed enemy using a frying pan only as a distinguished player.

This type of player usually hides in the grass on the ground, or in the small shrubs that hide its effect from the other players who are oblivious. Of course, apart from the frying pan, the “Ghilli” (the green green dress sometimes found in the crates) is usually their best friend, By far. Of course, some of these “ninja” play this way all the time and do not follow other methods, but the majority usually do these actions from time to time only, and complete the game naturally after killing a goal in this way.

If you want to see some of the most interesting videos of this type of player, you can follow the channel “Erasable Ninja” on YouTube, which is the video above, and the owner of a lot of dumps and booby traps in the game of PUBG and sometimes in Fortnite: Battle Royale as well.

The Gambler

Match, or he will be among a large number of other players and die quickly.
At least the basic map of the game, there are many places that are always known to be crowded with many players. In many games, scores of players can land in one of the busiest areas, but there are other less crowded places where The two regions that are most applicable are Stalber in the far north-east, as well as the container area near Geogopol.

There are lots of weapons and options in front of you that will give you great advantage in the advanced stages of the game, or everyone decides that they want to land there and surprise a large number of players gathered in this spot that They do not have enough equipment on all of them, and they are very open, making it very difficult to survive fighting, as it is difficult for more than one player to survive.

For gamblers, these and other areas are ideal places to go down, either you will get the equipment to help you win, or at least you will enjoy great fun in the fierce battles that will take place in the second scenario and many players landed around you.

The Looser leader

You will see this type of players blame the luck or cheating or that the team did not listen and carry out his ideal court plan.
In group games in particular, the decision to place the landing and the place to go is very important and difficult at the same time, where the place should be suitable for all members of the team to go together, so there is usually a player with more experience is the “team leader” that makes this kind of decisions Rather than in cooperation with the remaining individuals. However, when the game depends on the composition of the random difference, or even the combination of players who did not play together before it is usually the person who is excited to be the leader is the worst.

These “leaders” can be seen in their insistence on sending multiple requests to land together even before they decide to land on the map. If other team members agree, the destination is usually one of the busiest places like Pochinki or School. Self-Appointment The first to die from the team One of the most common qualities in these “leaders” is that they love to chase the funds very much, and that they usually play in teams. The rest of the team always pays for recklessness and chasing the boxes everywhere in the map.

The Lonely Wolf

This type of player usually follows a very confusing way of playing. Even though they are playing in teams or bets all the time, they jump in different places from their team members and spend the first part of the match only picking up weapons and gear to get back to the survivors Of the game, although in many cases they quickly die within the first few minutes, especially if they meet a well-organized team on their way.

There are two types of players who usually follow this approach. The first are novices who are still new to the game and do not know the importance of staying with the team and cooperation between the players to win, while the other type are usually high-skill players, playing with random team members, Only at first they wait for the last half of the game to meet with the rest of the team to avoid playing alongside annoying starters in their teams.

professional player

These players usually play individually or play in teams of other players who know them in advance where they hate to meet any new players in their teams. It is possible to distinguish this kind of players from their clear fighting abilities, strategic places they are stationed in addition to move them in a way that provides them with a high level of cover and protection, especially when escaping into the specific playing area, and with their high skill rarely less death / 3.

Usually, this type of player is very experienced in the game and other combat games, and some of them rely on games as a source of income, even by direct play on the site Twitch specialized in this area. Some of the most famous and talented players in this game are Shroud, Dr.Disrespect and ChocoTaco.

The bastard

Nothing is worse than losing the game with a sniper bullet whose source is only known to die because of a partner who wants to steal your equipment.
In spite of all the hatred other players have, such as hiding on bridges or under bushes, there is one type of player that deserves the title of the worst player ever! This type of player is characterized mainly by: Greed, and although the weapons collected in any game will not remain with the player during the following games, they do not care for that and are trying to collect as much as possible of the equipment and weapons and ammunition, and the fact that they refuse to participate with members of their teams, They usually play a very negative role against their own teams.

The most common behavior of these players is their refusal to leave any area before losing every square cent of them in search of gear, even if it is against the interest of the entire team, but the other common and worse behavior is perhaps their speed to take all the equipment on the enemies killed by their partners before he can Their partners lose what is already there, which makes them very disliked and often avoided by other players.

In some cases, greed is even more advanced. Some of these players deliberately avoid saving members of their teams to take their equipment when they die. In rareer but more provocative situations, they do not mind killing their own partners (usually by trampling) to get something In their possession, such as a third-level helmet or an AWM sniper. Fortunately, the game does not tolerate such players, and reporting that they intentionally kill their partners usually leads to their final ban.
So we complete our list of different types of players within the PUBG game, do you think there is something we overlooked and forgot to mention? Under what kind of players do you consider yourself, and which of them do you think is the most provocative?

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