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IN PUBG MOBILE  You need to stay alive to eliminate your competitors and grab a tasty chicken dinner.

It’s not easy to handle a new game and try to survive when everyone goes out to get you, but put these tips in mind to help you get a good start and progress on your competitors.

1 – You choose a good place to drop it

There are two factors in this decision: Buildings contain loot.

Everyone else also wants to steal and try to kill you.

Very problematic. You have to aim to land next to the buildings to grab the stolen, but avoid the most popular ones that may be filled with dislikes.

2 – looting first

Your first priority on landing should be looting.

Of course, we’ve followed our first advice and have fallen apart by building away from enemies, right? Great. Now get inside and loot. Weapon is always the first priority. Next is armor and healing tools to keep alive through work. Once you choose the weapons and other objects, you can start thinking about the weapons that work best for you while exploring the area and taking down enemies.

But first, pick up everything.

PUBG Mobile has an easy automatic click to help get it done quickly.

3. Adjust the settings

Always a wise warrior adjusts the settings The game has many settings in the list of options that often pass unnoticed, but a little tweaking can score you a victory.



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