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Top 10 PUBG Guns

Having a good weapon in PUBG that you are familiar with often helps you to tilt the odds in your favour during those crunch moments. In addition, one must choose a weapon that takes that least amount of time to eliminate an opponent as it gives them an added advantage at close and medium ranges.

The time to kill Your enemy in PUBG is measured as the time taken to eliminate a target that wears a level 2 armour by shooting at the chest region.

#10 Micro Uzi – 0.288 seconds

At the tenth place, it is the PUBG Micro Uzi submachine gun, which is often regarded by many as the best gun to start the game with. It houses 9mm rounds in 25-round magazines, which could be to 35 rounds with an extended. The minuscule value of 26 base damage is balanced with the high fire rate of the weapon and 542 DPS, which is perfect for picking off targets at close range.

#9 Beryl M762 – 0.258 seconds

Chambering 7.62mm rounds,PUBG Beryl M762 boasts 47 base damage, which is slightly higher than the SCAR-L, M416 and the M16A4. The 547 DPS of this weapon positions it in the second place in weapons that house the 7.62mm rounds, second only to Groza. A standard magazine contains 30 rounds while an extended clip houses 40 rounds per magazine.

However, one should manage their shots as the gun offers very high recoil.

#8 M416 – 0.257 seconds

The PUBG M416 assault rifle is very popular amongst PUBG players for it houses a good number of attachments, improving the flexibility and the customisability of the weapon.

The 5.56mm rounds used in this assault rifle deal 43 base damage, and come in 30-round magazines (Extended magazine size – 40 rounds). 502 DPS of the M416 along with its exceptional stability even during long bursts make it a better choice over the SCAR-L assault rifle.

#7 VSS – 0.257 seconds

The VSS is a Designated Marksman Rifle in PUBG that deals quick death with only 0.257 seconds required for a kill. 9mm rounds are chambered into the gun with a standard magazine size of 10 rounds, which could be increased to 20 with an extended magazine. Each round deals 41 base damage to the opponent and the gun boasts a DPS of 479.

However, with only two attachment points, the VSS falls short on the customisation front.

#6 Sawed-Off – 0.25 seconds

At number six, with 0.25 seconds time to kill, it is Sawed-Off. The gun houses 12G shotgun ammo providing a base damage of 160 damage (20 damage per pellet). 330 DPS is another bonus of the Sawed-Off gun.

However, with only two rounds per magazine, the gun doesn’t find much use in open combat. The lack of an extendable clip option also limits the scenarios where one could use this weapon.

#5 M16A4 – 0.225 seconds

The M16A4 assault rifle does not offer a fully automatic firing mode but its high accuracy even over decent distances more than makes up for it. The 3-round burst shots with each round dealing 43 damage offer good stability and minimal recoil. A standard magazine houses 30 rounds of 5.56mm ammo, which could be extended to 40 rounds with an extended clip.

Moreover, it is only freely available assault rifle that boasts over 550 DPS.

#4 Vector – 0.218 seconds

The Vector submachine gun takes the fourth spot on the list. This SMG causes 34 base damage and boasts 624 DPS, making it extremely effective at close and medium ranges. Vector houses 0.45 ACP ammo with a magazine size of 13 rounds while an extended clip gives you 25 rounds per magazine.

Vector’s high rate of fire, low recoil and high attachment slots make it one of the favourite SMGs in Battlegrounds.

#3 SKS – 0.2 seconds

The SKS is a popular semi-automatic DMR in PUBG that outshines its competition at medium ranges. The gun uses 7.62mm rounds as ammo and each standard magazine houses 10 bullets.

With a base damage of 53 and 530 DPS, the SKS is a great choice for players who are looking to find a middle ground between sniper rifles and assault rifles. However, one must deal with the high recoil offered by this weapon.

#2 SLR – 0.2 seconds

Like the SKS, the SLR is a Designated Marksman Rifle in PUBG. This semi-automatic weapon houses 7.62mm rounds and contains 10 bullets per magazine. The SLR packs more power than the SKS but also offers more recoil, forcing the player to focus on short and accurate bursts. Each standard magazine can accommodate 10 rounds, and the gun deals a base damage of 58 with 580 DPS.

#1 All Shotguns – Instant kill

All the shotguns that feature in the game take zero seconds to eliminate the target in PUBG. The instant kill holds valid when the target is at a reasonably close distance to the player.

The S686, S1897 and the S12K use 12G ammo and deal colossal amounts of damage per round. The S12K deals 198 base damage while the other two deal 216 base damage per round.

Also, all the three shotguns are widely available, and one does not need to play a specific map to take advantage of these weapons.

However, all the three shotguns hold only a small number of bullets per magazine, making it extremely important to land the first shot with extreme precision.

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