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If you want to master anything in your life you must practice for years , but in PUBG YOU MUST READ THIS POST FOR MASTERING PUBG.

Here some tips to master Sanhok-

* The map is 4×4 in size, so your initial looting position shouldn’t really affect your playstyle. You can move away from the playzone if needed since you can easily walk into the zone again. It’s almost never possible that you will die of Playzone.

Since you can always easily walk into playzone, no matter how far you are, a vehicle is not needed. In fact, the vehicle could be the reason for your downfall. Since the map is small is size, using a vehicle could easily give out your position.

Sanhok brings the dynamic weather system to the game. This is a great asset in the game and you can use it to improve your chances of winning. It’s easy to sneak up on the enemies in the rainy weather since they won’t be able to hear your footsteps properly. However, this also means you have to be extra cautious since you can fall victim to a similar strategy. It’s also very effective to use the fog to your advantage by camping efficiently.

Since the map is small, using a suppressed weapon is highly suggested. A weapon like VSS or Vector might be super effective. They fall off for long range fights but since Sanhok is very small, hence it shouldn’t matter.

QBZ the map exclusive weapon is very potent. When fully decked out with a suppressor, it will make your time on the field very easy. Try to use it as much as possible.

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