PUBG PC LITE : Officially expansion to 4 more regions

PUBG PC LITE will be available to four more countries to South-east Asia – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore from next week, 13th February to be exact. So, along with Thailand, now the game will be available to a total of 5 regions from February 13th.

official Facebook page of PUBG LITE

PUBG LITE will no longer be limited to Thailand region but be available to four more countries in Southeast Asia – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. The pre-download for the regions named above will begin a day before, on February 13th, while the official Beta Test service will open on the 14th.

PUBG PC LITE is still in the initial stage. So, the developers are taking it slow and probably checking how the game is doing to the mentioned regions in the limited server with the BETA testers. So, it is just the time when the game will be available for the rest of the world. Patience is the key.

PUBG PC LITE totally depends on the developers how much time they want their game to be in the BETA period. It can be as less as one month and go as high as one year. However, talking from my own experience, the game will be global within the next three months.

You can still download and play the game even if you are not from those 5 mentioned counties.

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