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The main change to actual gameplay on  PUBG Sanhok is the space. Being half the size of Erangel and Miramar, Sanhok brings frantic early-game firefights, still a fairly quiet mid-game, and faster circles to hurry up the move to the late game.

Here are the other, more specific changes that came with the map’s introduction to main servers in 2019:

  • Weather’s back! – contentious weather conditions like fog and rain have returned with Sanhok. They were unpopular at first, but the hardcore community has been after their return for some time, and we’re personally delighted to see them back and mixing up our playstyles once again.
  • There’s an Easter Egg location – We won’t spoil it, but it’s from a film, and it’s circular.
  • Weapon spawns – More gear spawns faster, in brief. Specifically, ARs, SMGs and DMRs are spawned more often, the item spawn rate is up by 5 per cent compared to round 4 of the Sanhok testing before it launch. Plus, 8x and 15x scopes don’t spawn at all on Sanhok, other than in care packages.
  • The circle now spawns instantly – no more anxious waiting period before you know where to go. The white circle now starts instantly, giving you an immediate idea of where you need to head next and how long you have.
  • Blue zone time adjusted – the blue zone is also now more “dynamic”, changing where the next circle is and the waiting time for it according to the number of players remaining in the game.
  • Red zone frequency has been lowered – The Red Zone is smaller on Sanhok, the centre of it will always appear outside of the white-ringed safe zone too, as it’s designed to make you more at risk outside of the circle.
  • Tweaks to vehicle spawns – Vans now spawn less often. The two-wheeled motorcycle spawns more often. Motorbikes with sidecars have been removed Sanhok.

Sanhok start locations, strategies and where to land

We’ll update our dedicated guide to PUBG loot locations on all maps with Sanhok and indeed Vikendi details soon, but for now here’s a quick run down of some of our favourites. Note that on Sanhok, loot’s pretty abundant across the board, so these are really just some of our highlights:

PUBG Sanhok best start locations

  • Camp Alpha, Bravo and Charlie – Three mini military bases can be found in similar positions in the east, west and south of the island, and they all play pretty much the same way: chaotic if there’s a direct flyover, a bit less chaotic if the plane’s further away. Note that loot’s just as good, if not better, on the structures’ roofs as it is inside.
  • Ruins – A really cool little maze of tunnels and rooms filled with high-grade (Level 3) loot. The surrounding pillars outside have some passable loot on them too if the middle’s too contested.
  • Mongnai – A nice little secret is this area in the very north-east corner of the map that looks like a coconut farm. We found a Level 3 vest and an M24 here in one visit. The loot is sparse, but high quality, and can be found throughout the plantation as well as in the handful of buildings.
  • Paradise Resort and Bootcamp – Both are big, central, high-density areas and if you’ve played PUBG much you’ll know what that means. Absolute carnage, but lots of loot. Good for some warmup play or target practice, not so good for actually winning a round.
  • Docks – A smaller version of Erangel’s Novoporonye, the docks are full of climbable shipping containers with great loot on them – but beware it’s slow to traverse and leaves you rather exposed, although i’s been fairly quiet when we’ve dropped there so far.
  • Quarry – It wouldn’t be PUBG without a quarry, but actually this one’s flooded. Very high quality loot but it’s spread out. Great for a squad, look to the groups climbable rectangular blocks for the highest loot density, and beware the vantage points that look over you from all angles as you scavenge.
  • Mountaintop Ruins – A much smaller set of ruins that’s essentially one of those outdoor pillars and two small warehouse-shaped buildings. The loot is average but rarely contested, and it provides you with a brilliant vantage point from the highest part of the map. Just beware getting stuck in the cliffs as you try to descend!
  • Pontoons – The various shoreside pontoons (what we’re calling those little structures that jutt out to sea on little jetty-bridges) actually have some pretty decent loot, especially if you can scavenge through half a dozen of them and the buildings nearby alone. Just beware getting caught right out on the edge of the map when the blue zone starts to move in.

Just like Miramar when that was still new, Sanhok has some new goodies with it.

The SLR, a DMR that takes both AR and DMR attachments, was added across the game when Sanhok launched, but Sanhok also has an exclusive weapon called the QBZ, a fully automatic AR that uses 5.56mm rounds and looks a lot like the AUG A3 you can find in care packages.


It holds 30 rounds per mag, extended up to 40, and replaces the SCAR-L in the item pool, meaning the SCAR-L won’t spawn at all on Sanhok (it also spawns about 1.4x as often as the SCAR-L did).

Otherwise, Sanhok has a couple of exclusive vehicles as well as those weapons – such as the Scooter and the late addition of the Tukshai – a cross between a Tuk-Tuk and a Rickshaw, depending what you usually call it – at last!

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