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In PUBG Mobile Picking the right landing spot somewhere quiet and isolated makes those first tentative minutes on the ground much safer, but it’s almost always offset by the lack of gear available to scavenge in your immediate surroundings. Likewise, if you opt to land somewhere with a reputation for spawning decent loot, there’s a good chance you’ll have to duke it out with your neighbours if you want to get your hands on some serious hardware.

The trajectory of the plane is completely random and the angle of the chosen flight path will determine which parts of the map you will be able to access from the beginning of each round. You can see it from the lobby, so it’s often good to plan ahead and have several options in your mind so that you can decide on what areas are viable landing zones. As a rule of thumb, you should try to remember that the three most popular areas people will jump out of the plane at are:

  • The very first opportunity: A lot of players think that getting their boots on the ground first gives them an edge over the people landing several miles away from them. No, I don’t get it either.
  • The centre of the map: Universally acknowledged as the arena of PUBG, this building is is the most central landmark on the map and boasts some fairly decent gear, but people often land here specifically to brawl.
  • Any major city directly under the flight path: If any of the bigger settlements fall directly under the path of the plane, you can guarantee that a hefty portion of the sever populace will be descending upon it like a biblical plague.

So where should you land? Well like so many different aspects of PUBG, this will vary depending on the map, as well as the direction of the plane. There are several areas across each map that can get you geared up though, and whilst some will see more foot traffic than others, keeping these areas in your mind will give you enough options to adapt on the fly.

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