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PUBG Replay Controls

PUBG replay controls system seems somewhat bent on opacity and difficulty of use.

PUBG Corp has published a guide on how to use the replay editor, but knowing the controls in the replay itself is the first step to mastering the PUBG replay system.

Key ​Action
Mouse Wheel Up Camera Zoom In
Mouse Wheel Down Camera Zoom Out
E Free Cam Move Up
Q Free Cam Move Down
Middle Mouse Button Cam Zoom Reset
Left Shift Increase Camera Speed
Left Ctrl Decrease Camera Speed
H Toggle Player Tag
X Toggle X-Ray
A Toggle Smooth Free Cam
Ctrl+Num[1-0] Save Position in Slots [1-10]
Ctrl+[1-0] Save Player in Slots [1-10]
[1-0] Spectate Saved Player in slots [1-10]
V Spectator Cam
C Follow Cam
F Free Cam
Tab Player List
] Increase Player Tag Visibility Range
[ Decrease Player Tag Visibility Range
| Show Care Package
Y Third Person Spectate
J Toggle Timeline
P Toggle Pause
B Return to Recorded Player
Up Increase Play Speed
Down Decrease Play Speed
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