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PUBG players must follow these tips and guides to win in that meal ticket, redeemable for one chicken dinner, here are some tips that you should consider while playing the new map:

  • For now, the best thing to do is to spend time dropping in all the different locations. The more central towns will be hottest, as well as the coastal areas first hit by the flight path. Learn Vikendi’s early game, learn the rotations, and expect things to change – particularly in terms of loot spawn rates – once the map goes live in the main game.
  • The first safe area outside of the blue zone is smaller than in other maps, forcing players to finish looting and start moving sooner. However, there’s no difference in how much damage the blue deals if you’re outside of it, or any of the subsequent safe area circles.
  • Don’t worry about breaking the ice in this map, as it doesn’t break at all, even under fire or when driving heavy vehicles over it.
  • Use the terrain wisely to avoid sniper fire, but be wary of enemies that decide to rush you instead, forcing close-range encounters that could take you by surprise.
  • Try to stay off the snow as much as possible as it leaves tracks (even if you are prone) and makes you more visible to your enemies. A white ghillie suit helps mask your presence in the snow, but still won’t prevent you from leaving tracks.
  • It is possible to lead people into traps and ambushes with tracks if you’re sneaky enough and have access to explosives. Find a particularly windy set of rocks that you can herd enemies around and pop them when they reach you. Only do this if you’re sure you can get away with it though.
  • When facing the sun it can create a bright white haze, which makes it difficult to see and spot people in that direction. Move yourself to somewhere where the sun isn’t blinding you, if you can.
  • With the new map comes an M16A4 nerf to the gun’s rate of fire. Given that the M16A4 has already seen a big nerf recently, this makes it all the less attractive compared to other Assault Rifles.

Other than the tips mentioned in this guide, there’s a lot of transferable skills that you may have picked up when fighting in Erangel. If you have any tips on the new map, do be sure to share them with us so that we can update this guide with further details as they become known.

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