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Top PUBG Assault Rifles

PUBG Beginners should focus on using the  PUBG assault rifles as they offer a good balance between accuracy and DPS, which is crucial during the early stages of the game.

let us look closer at the six assault rifles that deal the maximum base damage in PUBG.

#1 Mk47 Mutant – 49 Base Damage

The Mk47 Mutant takes the top stop with 49 base damage. This assault rifle chambers the 7.62mm ammo in 20-round magazines. With 780 m/s initial bullet speed and 489 DPS, the weapon is ideal for both short and medium range combat situations. However, with no automatic fire option, one has to rely on the single or the two-round burst fire mode to eliminate their opponents.

The Mk47 Mutant is available on all the three PUBG maps.

#2 Groza – 49 Base Damage

With 49 base damage and 715 m/s initial bullet speed, the Groza takes the second spot on our list. This assault rifle houses 30-round 7.62mm ammo, which is capable of producing 612 DPS. Groza comes with single and automatic fire modes with an excellent fire rate, next only to M16A4.

The Groza is available on all the three maps as an airdrop only.

#3 AKM – 49 Base Damage

The AKM assault rifle chambers 7.62mm ammo in 30-round magazine clips. Each round deals 49 base damage while the weapon boasts 489 DPS with an initial bullet speed of 715 m/s. With single and automatic modes, this assault rifle is a deadly tool when conflicts occur under 50 meters.

The AKM is available on all the three PUBG maps.

#4 Beryl M762 – 47 Base Damage

The Beryl M762 is an assault rifle that houses 5.56mm ammo, dealing 47 base damage. With very good firing rate and 548 DPS, one could use this weapon during close combats and clear buildings. However, one should manage the automatic mode for it offers a very high rate of recoil.

The Beryl M762 is available on all the three PUBG maps.

#5 AUG – 43 Base Damage

The AUG is an assault rifle that chambers 5.56mm ammo in 30-round magazine clips that deal 501 Damage Per Second. Also, with 940 m/s initial bullet speed and good levels of stability, the gun is great for even medium-range combat situations. With single and auto fire modes, this assault rifle is a favourite among many PUBG gamers.

The AUG is available on all the three maps via airdrop only.

Other assault rifles that boast 43 base damage include M416, QBZ and the SCAR-L. However, all these weapons feature a lower initial bullet speed than the ones mentioned above.

#6 M16A4 – 43 Base Damage

The M16A4 chambers 30-round magazines that house the 5.62mm ammo, dealing 43 base damage with 573 DPS. However, one must focus on their accuracy as this weapon does not offer an automatic firing mode and one must rely on single or three-round burst shots. This is compensated with a high fire rate, that is the best in its class. Additionally, the 900 m/s initial bullet speed makes this assault rifle an ideal weapon for medium and long-range combats.

The M16A4 is available on all the three PUBG maps.

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