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If you are seeking some guide to help you download PUBG MOBILE then your in the right place.

PUBG Mobile was released worldwide on March 19, 2018 after a soft launch in Canada. The result of a cooperation between the PUBG Corporation and Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile was originally released as PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield in China and is an abridged version of the original PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC.

How to access and download ​PUBG Mobile? It’s simple enough for any players looking to carry the codifier of the modern battle royale shooter in their pocket.

PUBG Mobile can be downloaded from the ​Apple App Store​Google Play, or by ​APK for Android.

The game contains many of the same features as in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: players are dropped into a wide open map and must scavenge for weapons, ammunition, armor, and tools like medkits or weapon attachments in order to out-duel and outlast each other, with the eventual survivor crowned the winner.

PUBG Mobile differentiates from the original in that it does not certain functions such as modding support or replay functions. It does however have regular seasonal events, and has ​recenly gone live with the Season 5 Royale Pass shortly after the end of Season 4 and much earlier than anticipated.

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