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PUBG Mobile players have to scavenge, collect as many weapons as possible and emerge as the sole survivor. Most of the games last up to 30 minutes, and the survivor gets a reward: “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”.

Odd as it may sound, chicken dinner is the most sought-after reward in the PUBG game. In fact, it became so popular that Winning this reward means you get more points that you can further utilise to improve your armour, avatar and other elements you may want to.

The catch, however, is that being the sole survivor and getting the elusive chicken dinner is not easy – especially if you’re still at the beginner’s stage. So, if you have just begun playing PUBG, here’s what you need to do to satisfy your appetite .

Parachute landing

The first few moments of the game are more crucial than you think. As the game begins with you jumping off a plane, strategise your landing location. Since you already have a bird-eye view, identify the area you want to kick-start your campaign from. Keep an eye on where rival players are landing too. This will give you an idea where you should land and start some distance from the others.

Smarter loot

Loot is a key element of the PUBG, if you want to stay equipped for battle. But you have to be a little smart about it. Collect as many weapons and other things as you can, but don’t spend time too doing it. A common advice would be to avoid relieving an enemy player you have killed of his weapons. Spread out your time spent looting.

Going solo at the beginner’s stage is not really a great idea if you’re chasing a chicken dinner. Group matches ensure you have someone at your back to rescue you from a critical situation. Practice group matches to understand the map, strategy and learn from other players before going solo.

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