Ways the PUBG Xbox Event Pass Could Be Improved

PUBG Xbox event pass has problems, most having to do with the utterly bizarre mission design.

As a product costing PUBG Xbox players a minimum of $10 with additional costs slapped on top for easy leveling,PUBG Xbox event pass is close to unsalvageable. Here are three ways PUBG Corp can start that salvaging process.

Offer a Refund

Responses to PUBG Xbox Event Pass have largely been negative, largely because of overwhelming frustration with missions and how experience is awarded. PUBG Corp doesn’t offer refunds for the pass, and has been less than receptive to player complaints. If the company wants to appear as anything other than the villain, it needs to take drastic steps toward repairing relations with its players. That starts with a refund for those who purchased the PUBG Xbox event pass.

Fewer Tedious and Arbitrary Missions

Falling short of original, exciting missions, PUBG Corp’s bare minimum requirement is to cut down on all the nonsense missions that clog up the PUBG Xbox event pass. Shooting 300 rounds out of a Micro Uzi in 10 different games is tedious, boring and counterproductive. Driving a vehicle for a total of eight hours is nigh unforgivable.

Fewer Missions Unrelated to the Game

Missions that prompt players to experience PUBG Xbox in a new and interesting way are perhaps the ultimate goal for the event pass. Unfortunately, the missions currently on offer are more likely to promote boring, repetitive gameplay than game-changing new approaches. PUBG Corp needs to vet missions more carefully to make sure they’re having the right effects on gameplay.

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