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ChocoTaco is one of the most popular PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS streamers on Twitch. His stream’s combination of dry humor and top tier skill makes him a fan favorite among the PUBG populace. For those looking to emulate his success, at least in-game, here are ChocoTaco’s PUBG settings.

ChocoTaco PUBG Settings

ChocoTaco uses mostly low graphical settings, but splurges performance on raising his anti-aliasing and his texture quality. To make up for those high settings and a high resolution, he lowers post-processing, shadows, effects, foliage and view distance while keeping V-Sync off.

In terms of controls, most of ChocoTaco’s keybindings are the game’s defaults. His few deviations include binding the map to Mouse 5, and using T and G to adjust his zeroing.

Here’s the full list of his settings:

FOV: 103

Mouse DPI: 900

General Sensitivity: 25

Vehicle Driver Sensitivity: 45

All other sensitivities: 25

Anti-Aliasing: Ultra

Post-Processing: Very Low

Shadows: Very Low

Texture: Ultra

Effects: Very Low

Foliage: Very Low

View Distance: Very Low

Motion Blur: Off

V-Sync: Off

Screen Mode: Fullscreen

Resolution: 2560×1440

Brightness: 68​

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