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why people buy Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile

There are some premium items in PUBG that the people can get by paying some real money. Even though it does not give any in-game advantage aside from cosmetic enhancements, people still buy it. In this article, we discuss the top five reasons why people are inclined towards buying the Royale pass or the season pass.

The Supporter

Many PUBG people who enjoy the game want to show some gratitude towards the amazing work of the developers. For them buying the Royale Pass is just to support the developers, so that they can be more encouraged towards continuing their awesome work.

The Looter

Yes, people are greedy when it is about getting in-game items. Buying the Royale Pass and getting the items is the best way for that even if they need to pay a certain amount of money.

The Premium Gamer

The concept of premium gamer is very deep among the Indian gaming society. So, buying the Royale pass is a great way to show off. Who would not love to show themselves off as a premium gamer? Money matters though

The Collector

There are a quite a few number of people who love to collect all the possible items in a game they love and for that, they will go to any extent, even if it is paying large amounts of money. All that matters is their love towards having a great inventory.

The Status Seeker: See I’m also a Royale Pass guy!

PUBG Mobile is mostly played with friends/peers in the Indian context, so when all the friends buy the Royale Pass, it becomes difficult for someone who belongs to the same peer group with no Royale Pass. After all, no one wants to be the odd one out.

If you have bought the Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile in any season, you’ll surely fall into any of these five categories. Do let us know in the comments below about your category!

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