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PUBG UMP9, which chambers 9mm ammo in 30-round magazines. The weapon, with a 400 m/s initial bullet speed deals 39 base damage, only second to the Tommy Gun.

PUBG UMP9 is highly customisable and could house four attachments; find below the best combination you need to survive longer with the UMP9, especially in Vikendi.

Magazines – Extended Quick Draw Mag

Having an Extended Quick Draw Mag as an attachment for the UMP9 is a no-brainer as it combines the best of both worlds, providing players with a larger magazine size along with a quicker reload time.

Sights – Red Dot Sight or Holographic Sight

SMGs, generally, are not good for medium and long-range combat situations, making any scope greater than 2x virtually unproductive. With a high bullet drop, players must focus on getting close to their opponents before firing the first shot. In these situations, having the Red Dot Sight or the Holographic Sight is the best choice, for it allows the players to scope at a very rapid pace.

Lower Rail – Half Grip

Half Grip on the lower rail reduces the weapon recoil and spread, giving the players supreme accuracy, making it a must over other grip attachments on this SMG.

Muzzle – Suppressor

The UMP9 already offers low recoil and having a compensator does not offer huge benefits. Hence, always use a suppressor as a muzzle attachment as it gives the players an extra second or so during combat situations before the opponent discovers the firing line.


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