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The Most Powerful ShotGuns In PUBG Mobile

There are only a total of four shotguns available to players in PUBG (including the sidearm ‘sawn-off’ shotgun that can be equipped instead of a pistol. While there is a much greater limit for this type of weapon, we still thought it important to outline the best shotguns so that players can keep an eye out. Keep in mind that these weapons are all chosen based on their stats as founded by the community, and as such the information provided within this article may change and evolve as the game receives new updates and patches over the coming year.


As the only automatic shotgun available in PUBG, the S12K may seem like a clear contender for the king of the shotguns. It offers a quick-firing alternative for those who don’t enjoy the pump action or double barrel action of the S1897 and the S686. The big drawback here, though, is the amount of recoil and the lack of control that comes with the weapon. While it’s a great shotgun for the increased fire-rate, it’s going to let you down if you’re looking for precision and control.

  • Ammo: 12 Gauge
  • Damage: 22
  • Magazine Capacity: 5
  • Range: 25-25
  • Bullet Speed: 350
  • Fire Rate: .250s


As the only double-barrel shotgun in the game, the S686 is perfect for those that want a high-powered shotgun that can quickly slam two rounds into an enemy. IT offers a quicker fire rate than the S12K, the big drawback being that you’ll need to reload constantly, which can be a bit precarious in high-risk situations where multiple enemies are involved. It’s still a great shotgun if you can manage to get into cover while you reload, and it offers the fastest bullet speed of the three primary shotguns in the game.

  • Ammo: 12 Gauge
  • Damage: 25
  • Magazine Capacity: 2
  • Range: 25-25
  • Bullet Speed: 370
  • Fire Rate: .200s

While the three primary shotguns are the best in the game, if you still want the comfort of a shotgun in combat, then you can always pick up a ‘sawn off’ shotgun to replace your pistol. This will give you a double barrel option to deal with enemies that get too close, while still allowing you to carry a separate loadout for your primary weapons.


The S1897 offers a five-magazine pump action shotgun for those who want to have the option of close quarters combat, but also want the control that comes with other semi-automatic weapons. It’s by far our favorite choice when it comes to shotguns in PUBG, and learning to wield it effectively can save you from many premature deaths in high-density areas. The biggest drawback to this weapon is its long reload time, which you’ll need to time perfectly during intense moments of combat.

  • Ammo: 12 Gauge
  • Damage: 25
  • Magazine Capacity: 5
  • Range: 25-25
  • Bullet Speed: 360
  • Fire Rate: .750s


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