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The beginning of the game is to jump off the plane and you need to choose a place to land. I’ll talk about the most important places in the most popular game maps later. But the short version here is that you want to avoid high traffic areas such as towns and big cities, and find a small safe spot to loot some weapons and equipment yourself.

Then, when you are ready, you will need to find safe points for rest and looting and defend yourself along the way, while the number of players gradually decreases, until you reach ideally another 10 or 15 players.

This point is the real separator, in which you use all the strategies you have learned before or will learn when reading this article.

But this article not only talks about the latest battle strategies, the battle takes place on many levels, and the talented player is the one who knows how to win before the whistle even starts, through his good preparations.

PUBG is not a typical shooting game. The goal is to survive, not to get the greatest number of defeats – in fact you can win without killing one player – so you need to make your strategy, to adapt to the rules of this different game.

The dominant game is hiding until the number of players is less than ten. Everyone will kill each other anyway, so why endanger yourself?

But this is not the whole story – the mastery of the fighting and its tactics, will make a big difference in the course of the battle, especially in the last moments of it.

Mid-range killings are also a great way to move your equipment from ordinary equipment to excellent equipment.

This will help you a lot in the last war as well.

The basics of control and game

1.Remember to put your weapon away when you want to run so you can run faster.

2.To refuel, the car must be completely stationary.

3.You can change your shooting rate, this is very useful so do not lose lead quickly.

4.If you are decorating, and you notice a red circle that appears near or around the target, it indicates that something is blocking your weapon, such as a door, a tree, a cage, or any other cover.

5.There are many correction systems, you have to learn to use them all, and how to work with different types of endoscopes.

6.All the doors in the game start to be closed.

7.If the door is open, then there is someone who entered the place before you.

8.There is damage when falling from high altitude.

9.You can stay in the voice chat for the game, but if you play with a team, do not forget to convert the chat to Party-Only, so that the enemy does not hear you.

10.You can swim and dive into the water.

11.You can change the place to ride in vehicles and cars, do not forget it when you plan to win using vehicles.

General map information

1.Each square represents one kilometer and each square is 100 meters smaller, which means that the actual map area is actually about 6 kilometers.

2.The map is very detailed, but some places do not show up like underground fortifications.

3.Different areas have different rates of appearance for weapons and vehicles.

4.Many players will know that, but remember that you guarantee better quality for looting weapons at specific locations, and you have to plan your place of landing, and how you play accordingly.

5.The tags can be dropped on the map, and this system is considered very ideal to coordinate with your team or just follow your own personal destination, so use it as much as possible.

6.The compass also uses specific numbers to track the most accurate direction, which should be used to locate enemy positions or coordinate with the team.

The best places on the map

Lack of good equipment is not really the end of the world, what matters is how to adapt to what you have: if all you have is a gun or SMG, try indoor camping.

If you have a bow or sniper rifle, look for high places.

All it takes is killing one for you to get a large amount of loot.

So we try to suggest places that do not necessarily contain the best weapons, but they are also suitable places to plan and get tools suitable for all situations.

In the map of Erangel, search for Mylta Power, Prison, Mansion, Bunker.

In the map of Miramar, search for Ladrilleria, Campo Militar.

In the map of Sanhok, look for Camp Alpha, Lakawi, Sahmee.

Weapons and equipment

1.The main things you want to find as soon as possible are the assault rifles in most cases (AR), backpack, bulletproof jacket, healing material, helmet – the top level of these items is always the best.

2.All endoscopes work with all guns – you can not place an 8x telescope on a M16 weapon for example, similarly you can not put 8x on SMGs.

3.Learn how much damage helmets can take. Kar98, the most widely used sniper pistol, can kill you instantly with a vertical blow if you have a helmet of level two or less.

4.After the start of the game, the pistols are almost useless – just keep them if you have either an automatic pistol (P18C), works like SMG, or if you do not have good weapons or a lot of ammo for them, so do not waste valuable stock space.

Tips for using MedKit

1.There are only two ways to heal yourself to 100%, the extremely rare Medkit, which completely clears after 10 seconds, and also energy drinks and painkillers, which will heal over time.

2.Both bandages and first aid kits make you back to 75% of your original life points, but it takes more time and repeated uses.

3.You can move when there is a half-second remaining in the charging timer, and you will not need to stop charging to move, and you can charge when you are in a moving vehicle.

4.But be careful that the vehicle is moving steadily and not floundering.

5.Different items take different amounts of space in your inventory – first aid kits are larger than bandages, and so on. You can increase your space by using jackets and armor. Each jacket, regardless of level, increases your stock capacity by 50 points.

Tips for using bombs

1.Frags bombs take up less space than other bombs.

2.You can place large weapons in key places, so you leave space for small weapons like bombs.

3.As the weapons in the main places do not take any space at all.

4.You can stop the bomb from working even after opening it, by moving it from the main weapons to the stock.

How to hide from enemies

1.Even sneak in fewer players is a good strategy, but it will not help you control the secrets of fighting.

2. If you want to learn to feel real weapons and fighting, spend some games in crowded places, because you will reap the benefits of this effort in the long term.

3.Hiding in a boat behind is a great way to avoid being monitored.

4. With some reserve fuel, you can usually speed up to many safe areas on the map.

5.When you are exposed, there is no solution in front of you except fighting or escaping, escape is easier than you think.

6.Walk the zigzag line, and you will find yourself avoiding most enemy bullets.

7.If you hide in a small wooden huts and discover an enemy coming out, going out of the hut and shooting at it is often better than waiting there.

8.If they are smart, they will know that someone is there, and they will try to get rid of it with a grenade or fire from the wooden door first.

9.The element of surprise usually works better.

Tips for the final battle

1.There are two main strategies for how to reach the final zone.

2. If you are sure you can get there early, do so as soon as possible, and prepare in a situation where you know you will be safe for a while.

3.If you arrive there late, it may be best to wait before taking any action.

4.Place your eye on the blue circle and walk around the edges of the area.

5.So give the impression that you are still far away, and likely to leave you enemies because they have other priorities more important than you.

6.Knowing your terrain is crucial here, as all places learn well on the map and study all possible tricks in each.

7.Trees are not a wonderful cover.

8.The forest is a good cover if you need to move long distances, but it’s easy to forget that hiding behind a narrow tree still leaves you exposed on three sides – it’s hard to see your vision from the trunk in front of you anyway.

9.Use it only as a last resort. The long grass is displayed less than 150 meters away, but the players show much longer distances – meaning that if you use the long grass as cover, the snipers can easily see you from a distance of more than 150 meters.

10.Looting, especially healing equipment such as first-aid kits, represents the ideal bait. Leave some objects on the floor in the middle of the room, and the enemies who enter will assume that the building is safe, making it easy to beat them.

11.When you reach the last three positions, if you have not been discovered yet, stay that way.

12.Do not participate unless the killing is completely guaranteed, because the other two can easily kill each other without having to risk yourself.

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