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Today we will talk about PUBG snipers with their most detailed details, in addition where you can find them….


Guns SKS are the best PUBG weapon to incorporate fire rate and range. When supplied with Compensator, Foregrip, extended mag and Cheek Pad extensions, this monster can reach unprecedented levels of efficiency.

SKS may not be the most powerful weapon in the game in terms of injury rate, but it replaces the shooting rate of up to 20 shots in the store when adding extended mag.

The weapon is effective in both near and far distances, so it is an ideal choice for most modes of play.

Where to find SKS:

You can find a SKS rifle mainly in military areas, but luck may come across you in some homes and apartments.

Mk14 EBR

Mk14 is one of the latest addition to the game recently. Although the shape may suggest otherwise, this rifle can be incredibly accurate when you get the full kit from Grip, Cheek pad and Compensator.

The extra points go because the weapon is semi-automatic, making it an upgraded version of SKS that is more powerful in many ways.

Where to find it:

You can find Mk14 exclusively in aid packages sent over the air, but 7.62-caliber ammunition is available around the map.

If you can put your hand on this weapon, you should prepare yourself really lucky!


Next we have the M24 rifle, which is a precision weapon in the game with powerful shots.

Although it is not the best option for this type of conventional sniper (it is weaker than its grand sister AWM) it is a bolt-action weapon that is not insignificant if you can find it.

Where to find them:

As with the Mk14, the M24 is available in one of the air discharges across the map and uses the same type of 7.62 ammunition deployed everywhere.


The current dominant weapon in the PUBG, this monster can penetrate the most powerful helmets and armor, including those of the third level to hit your opponent in one shot, one of the nuts that gives you the right to access the last 10 survivors with an X8 telescope.

Where to find them:

The excessive power of the AWM sniper makes it necessary for them to be in a special package. That’s right, we are also talking here about an exclusive weapon of air removal.

Another weakness is that the ammunition is very rare. It is found only inside the Care Packages of the Magnum.


By moving into the least distinctive weapons we have the Kar98k rifle, which is often considered the weakest bolt-action rifle in the game.

When used correctly, this weapon will do its part, and the fact that it is present in a number of areas across the map makes it a widely available option that you can use for long distances to find more robust and accurate solutions.

Where to find them:

The Kar99k rifle is normally used in military areas as well as some houses and apartments nearby.


I have known the weakest Bolt-action weapon in the game, but what I see here is the most vulnerable sniper weapon in all aspects of the game. If the benefit of his presence here in the lists?

VSS comes with a silencer and uses semi-automatic firing, making it a very good weapon when you find it early in the round, especially when using near and medium distances.

Where to find it:

VSS is widely available in apartments and houses across the map and uses 9mm ammunition for conventional pistols.

We have already talked about all the long-range weapons you can get now, and the upcoming updates may add more of them as the game progresses over the next few months.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are now available for the PC, and will come in 2018 for the Xbox platforms and at an undisclosed time for the PlayStation 4.

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