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when you land and know the direction of the plane and decide to go somewhere try to move quickly before you open the balloon because once you open the balloon will not be able to move to any direction, but will fall down immediately and you choose one of the buildings or around to land, Also one of the most important secrets of the game PUBG focus on the players who landed with you Are they close to you Is there is one above you directly or next to you, one of them will land in the same place where all these points should be concentrated in it or will be your end.

Choose the place of landing carefully

do not play in a random way and do not think about collecting weapons just make your thinking strategically first thing you have to do when you throw a balloon that is looking for a landing place and the first thing you should think about two things first buildings contain many resources loot as it contains To people who think like you and are keen to kill you first. What do you enter these buildings if they solve? The solution is to land close to the buildings and not to land on the same building, landing next to the less well-known buildings, which usually do not have many enemies until they can be quickly eliminated.

Collect all that you find

on the first landing of the top on one of the surfaces, especially if there is a player close to you or has landed near you or over you or by you and even before you or because you did not control your balloon well immediately collect anything you find before you this is the most important secret PUBG Secrets Collect anything literally because you will need a pan, hit tools, clothes, other items. Anything that helps you eliminate the opponent in this game, do not leave them the field to eliminate you.

Pay attention to the safe zone

one of the most important tips and tricks of the game PUBG to click from time to time on the map at the top of the screen and find out where the Safe Zone is a large white circle around the map you do not want to be outside of them, Quickly return to the safe area because your life will start counting down and you will be eliminated quickly.

Do not carry anything when you run – throw your shoes

do you want to run fast to get somewhere? Here is one of the most important secrets of the game PUBG Peggy, which will benefit you greatly, running and you wear your shoes is the same and you do not wear but the idea here that running without shoes makes your discovery by sound harder than you wear because you wear a loud noise contributes to the detection of your place, From place to place, do not carry anything in your hand. Put guns, air guns and killing tools behind your back and make your way to the desired location. You will become weak and easy targets, but use them when you need to, or run away or get to a place quickly.

Use the bushes to hide

one of the most important tips and tricks PUBG game is hiding and to help Do you see these small shrubs within the game? Use as much as possible if the color of your clothes is close to you and not a white to reveal where you are. Choose a thick bush and try as much as possible to hide inside and prove immobile. Wait for the right moment when one of the enemies approaches you and shoot him and take all his weapons and resources.

Take advantage of the eye and discover the area

Free Look One of the most important secrets of the game PUBG the presence of the eye on the screen, which will help you to detect the ocean around you without moving until we finish your place, all you have to do when you suspect that somewhere contains another player hiding Click on the eye and move the screen with your finger to discover the ocean around you and reach the place where you suspect the presence of a player. If you find out that you are in doubt, use your strategy to eliminate it quickly. Also take advantage of this eye during landing from the airship to find out who is close to you or by your side or above you.

Use motorized vehicles for mobility

One of the most important tips and tricks of the PUBG game is that when you find a car, use it to navigate, shorten the distances and also to trample. You have the option to sit next to the driver or in the back. Do not sit at the helm and leave it to another player so that you are not eliminated quickly. Do not forget to mark the map so that you can know your direction and follow it. From c Hand in case something happens during the move.

Wear a suit, and wear a bag

When you are advised to hide in the bushes, the basic policeman is that your clothes should not be white because the white clothes will reveal your place easily, and because the game of Peggy comes with advantages such as changing the color and shape of clothes from the settings Choose a dark clothing or clothing suitable for your place on the map. The options are full. Choose from them what makes your place invisible, like brown clothes such as dirt and grass clothes that help you hide in the grass and do not forget to wear a backpack. Various resources and weapons within the game The first option in the bags gives you a full 350 pieces and the second option 400 pieces and the last option gives you the possibility of filling 450 pieces.

Use the frying pan

one of the most provocative things in the PUGB game is that one of them kills you from the back or through punching. This is a big insult to your right, but here is one of the most important secrets of PUBG. The pan in the game of Peggy is considered lethal in many cases. The bullets that are fired at you away also if you put them behind your back will not be able to kill you from the back, it will receive bullets as a magnet in addition to it is a reliable and reliable killing tool used in many cases when you are in a boxed situation.

Do not stay in one place

one of the most important tips and tricks of a game that does not stay in one place all the time Many players have the talent of sniping will be snatched sooner than the player who is waiting for the players who disclose their places, moving and not appear as a goal easy for others, Kill and enjoy the game and do not be coward Use a specific strategy Drive vehicles Target buildings Lock buildings containing players by car and throw grenade and other ideas do not hide much.

Follow your enemies and stand behind them

First, use the headphones. It will help you greatly in knowing where your enemies are. 90% of the distance is based on the sound. One of the most important secrets of PUBG is to stay focused on the sounds around you and whenever you hear a nearby shooting sound go to that place Use your strategy in hiding, colliding or otherwise to eliminate the opponent. Listen to the sound of movement, especially inside the house. If the player is wearing his shoes and started to ride the drawers and move inside the house, take caution and search for and eliminate it.

Follow the map to know the competitors

when a fire, especially if it is close to you immediately see the map, you will find that there is a red flash in the direction of the place of fire all you have to follow and eliminate it if you are close to you and you must be ready with your weapon and you have full health for that Understand that the tips and tricks of the PUBG game depend on the sound and also look at the map to see where the other players are.

All the doors come unlocked!

One of the most important secrets of PUBG is that all the doors of the buildings and the rooms in the game when they start to be unlocked and if you find an open door, it means that someone was before you in this place or waiting for you in the interior preparing you a feast of shots to kill you. For the worst or use this information for your benefit.

Be aware of your health HP

one of the most important tips and tricks of the game PUBG to pay attention to your health Some players take enthusiasm and start wandering in the back and forget that he has to strengthen his health Some players or competitors have weapons that can reduce your health to 80% with two shots only for this No Give them the opportunity and take advantage of even a few ratios so you can recover your health in case you managed to escape.

Take advantage of the automatic functions

one of the most important secrets of the game PUBG to activate the automatic capture or so-called Auto sprint is an icon that appears when running and when pressed, the player will continue to run without interruption, Auto loot and its advantage that when passing resources will be automatically captured and do not forget to Get rid of the resources you do not need. For example, you got rid of a pistol because you got better than do not forget to throw away his ammunition also and leave the space for other resources.

Learn snipping

the game of Pubg has many snipers and the difference between the professional player and the starting player that the professional player can use all kinds of weapons easily and can be corrected and snatched faster and better to try this always when you find a weak player or if you get a strategic place to start sniping players And masturbation in it will be very useful to you in the Battle of the Royal Battle.

Do not walk in a straight line

if you received a burst of bullets and did not kill you but you did not know its source No sound or focus on the map Do not go in a straight line Try to move in a winding line, and sit and rise and make yourself easy to predict also hide behind buildings and trees if They are close to you and do not forget to take care of your health and increase it if you get a serious injury. But if you are in a car, go quickly and do not be in a straight line, but winding.

Play with your friends

If you are permanently killed you may want to think about playing some of the team’s games to sharpen your skills, especially if you can get friends you already know to join you and play with you collectively, especially if they are with the most skilled players. And the secret of the secrets of the game PUBG to strengthen yourself is to play with friends, you can learn the basics and cooperate with them in killing the large numbers of enemies and also set traps and arrange ideas to fight against other players, especially the presence of collective chat feature which will help you to call when things get worse.

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