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Lower Rail – Half grip

Out of all the grips that are available for the M416, the half grip offers the best balance for it reduces the recoil spray, which is extremely useful for people who wish to use this assault rifle to spray bullets in the automatic firing mode.

Stock – Tactical Stock

The M416 is the only assault rifle that offers a stock attachment. The tactical stock on the weapon reduces the recoil and weapon sway, ensuring that the player receives enhanced levels of accuracy while using the automatic firing mode.

Muzzle – Suppressor & Compensator

The suppressor is a great choice during the early stages of the game as it buys the player a couple of extra seconds before the opponent figures out the firing direction. However, as one moves towards the closing stages of a game, a shift to the compensator attachment would be ideal as it reduces the already low amounts of recoil present in M416.

Sights – 3x Backlit scope or 4x AGOC scope

These two scopes are ideal for the M416 as they introduce decent amounts of accuracy at medium and long distances, allowing the player to engage in combat from further out, which is extremely useful during the early stages of a Battle Royale round.

However, one should remember to use the burst mode while firing at long distances to minimize the effect of recoil spray.

Magazines – Extended QuickDraw Mag

The Extended QuickDraw Mag combines the best of two worlds, offering larger magazine size and enhanced reload times, allowing the player to stay in a firefight longer with needing to reload his weapon.

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