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PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: 4 Useful weapons to survive the night

Over the last few days, there have been much suggesting tricks and tips to tackle the ‘Survive Till Dawn’ mode released by Tencent. However, still, surviving this mode is a herculean task for many newbies.

Where some of the players are confused to figure out the ways to camp and survive the night of zombies, most of the players are still confused about choosing the best guns for the zombies’ mode.

In order to make it easier to choose weapons, here is a PUBG Guide suggesting the weapons you should use when playing the zombie mode:

Flame thrower

This new weapon has come with the recent update of PUBG Mobile. Flamethrower is nothing but a gun that helps to fire continuously. This gun helps you to kill more and more zombies. The fire comes with some ammo which is rarely found in that minimap.

M 134 – A game savior and the most destructive

M134 also comes with the new update of PUBG Mobile. M134 is a machine gun (much similar to M249) which shoots continuous bullets at the chests and heads of zombies. This gun might turn to be a game savior. The gun uses 7.6mm ammo, hence, damage the zombies comparatively more than any other gun.


There is no doubt in the true potential of AR AKM. AKM is one of the most deadly guns in PUBG Mobile. The gun uses 7.6mm ammo and can seriously damage the zombies as well as other real enemies. This gun can save a lot of time battling the zombies’ boss.


Shotguns are the most effective guns while tackling zombies. One shot of a good shotgun (S12K) can kill a zombie. But, in order to use shotguns, you need to be very good at a perfect aim (most probably near the head).


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