PUBG Test Server Update Adds Zima and Snowbike Vehicles to PUBG Vikendi

PUBG Latest Test Server update included two new vehicles arrived for the PUBG snow map, Vikendi. The Zima and the Snowbike are now available for fans that access the PUBG PTS on the PC.

​PUBG Corp revealed its new update, PUBG PTS Patch 26, and explained new vehicles can be found on the Vikendi map. The Zima will replace UAZs on PUBG Vikendi, PUBG Corp said. “It won’t have perfect control on snow, but it will be easier to maneuver than other PUBG vehicles”.

A second vehicle was added to the PTS in the new patch.

The Snowbike is a replacement for the Snowmobile on Vikendi. “What the Snowbike lacks in durability, it makes up for with high speed and great maneuverability,” PUBG Corp said.

Both vehicles are Vikendi exclusives and will remain on the PTS for testing.

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