PUBG Mobile:Team SouL May Have Surely Won Millions of Hearts at the PMCO Global Finals 2019

SouL MortaL Gets The Fan-Favorite Player Award

India’s representative in PUBG Mobile Club Open Global Finals (Spring split) Team SouL finished at no 12th. After being the champion in the Indian regional finals, all the Indian PUBG Mobile enthusiasts had a lot of hope from Naman Mathur aka SouL Mortal and his team. Maybe, Team SouL could not deliver the performance as per the expectations of the fans, but they have surely won a million hearts.

Germany’s Estrel Congress Center in Berlin witnessed the 3 days of PUBG Mobile extravaganza. Champions from different regions came to represent their country. Just like them, Team SouL flew to Germany with lots of hope. And with them, all the Indians fan were waiting to support them on this big global stage. Even though many of the Indian fans have been disappointed but they have done their job with the voting on the website and making Team SouL leader SouL Mortal aka Naman Mathur, the fan-favorite in this whole Spring Split Global Finals of PUBG Mobile Club Open.

In an exclusive interview taken by Seltzer Please after the tournament, it was revealed that SouL Mortal became the fan-favorite player of the tournament.

When the host asked,

“How does it feel to become the fan-favorite player of the tournament?”
Naman Mathur answered,

“It feels great! I was not aware of vote stuff, but later on the Tencent guys came to me and handed over the goodies saying that you have won the fan favorite award on the website”
In case you are wondering what all are included in the goodies, One hoodie, one trouser, and two t-shirts are there and SouL Mortal agreed to showcase them during his stream.

You have got such an amazing fan base, who came in wave and made you the fan favorite player of the tournament, what you have to say for them?”

Naman Mathur thanked them for their support and said,

“Thank you so much guys, you have been supporting us. And this was a new experience for us and for all of us even for you too, I’m pretty sure…”



Team SouL may not have won the Global Finals, but they have the best fan base anywhere. Congrats to @ig_mortal for his win as the PMCO Website Fan Favorite Player! Here’s his interview with @SeltzerPlease.

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