PUBG Tips: 3 Things to keep in mind to survive in the end-game of matches on PUBG Mobile

Aggression is not the only key factor to win a match in PUBG Mobile, one must know how to survive the whole time. As the game progresses, things get different and based on the time, the players need to adjust their game.

Broadly we can divide the game into three parts – the early game (0-10 minutes), mid-game (11-20 minutes) and the end game (21 to end). Previously I have already talked about the ways to survive the early game and the mid-game. Today in this article we will talk about, how you can do your best to survive and get the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!”

#1 Keep track of the Safe Zone and move

Keep track of the safe zone
Keep track of the safe zone

During the last phase of the game, it is very important to keep track of the safe zone. The damage from being outside the safe zone increases with time. So, always move as you see the next zone. You can predict the next zone. If you still do not know how you can do that, click here.

#2 Do not indulge in a fight once the zone starts to move

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

The players have the tendency to kill even if they see the zone is coming and they are yet to reach the safe zone. So my advice here is, never ever indulge in a gun-fight when you see the zone is coming and you are yet to reach the safe zone. This is because, in most of the cases, the players deal damage and get damaged which in turn makes it much harder to reach the safe zone within the stipulated time. Personally, I have faced a lot of deaths because of this. Keeping yourself away from kills is tough work, isn’t it?

#3 Carry a 2x scope/Red dot/Holographic sight

Red dot in PUBG Mobile
Red dot in PUBG Mobile

As the game reaches the last few zones, close combat starts. During this time, 2x scope, red dot or holographic sight becomes an important part of the inventory. Having a 4x or even 8x scope does not matter then. For close combat, I’ll suggest setting 2x scope with the preferred gun. It helps a lot to set up the aim.

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